Simply put, Sprint has really upgraded its service and also offers competitive rates.

For a long time, I was with Verizon. Their network is really good but their pricing is very steep. What I did not like about Verizon was that their customer service in the store seemed a little hard to access. By that I mean they seemed to be working off a script. I always left the store feeling like I had missed something and sure enough when the bill came…

Sprint delivers on its promise

A great value network in terms of plans, coverage, and connectivity.

What sold it to me was how great the Staff at Sprint in Berkeley CA were. I was served by Jonathan E and everything he said panned out- no jargon, no hidden costs (I feel- we will see when I get my bill.)

I am happy I switched, now I can stream videos and movies on the go without worrying about exceeding my data limit.

Unlimited, text and data for $55

With Verizon, I was on the plan that offers 4GB of Data. I won’t go into the pricing on that but will say, it was not cheap. I was tempted to go for their unlimited Data, talk and text plan for $80 (At the time of posting this article.) then I checked out Sprint and they had the same deal for $55

Another reason I switched to Sprint from Verizon besides, unlimited, text and data for $55 was the customer service at Sprint. The service was friendly and informational! 

To put the icing on the cake, I will get $5 off my Bill because I set up autopay! So I will be paying $50 for Unlimited Data, text and talk.


I do not work for Sprint nor am I affiliated with them other than being a customer. Any comments in the video have not been paid for, endorsed or solicited by Sprint.